Vahakni Residential Community

Vahakni residential community project started in the late 1990s, with the foundation of "Hovnanian International" L.T.D. The community covers an area of ​​163 hectares. The unique architectural structure of the project includes 700 houses and 2,300 apartments with all the necessary infrastructures. The residential community is divided into 8 phases where different styles of houses, townhouses, improved lots are distributed .The artificial lake  named "Shant” is located in the heart of the community, the exclusive"Ararat Valley" Country Club ,The Vahakni restaurant, swimming pool, the golf courses,tennis courts are at the service of  Vahakni residents.

In Vahakni community you may find all the circumstances for comfortable, carefree and safe lifestyle, the community provides round-the-clock security services,the landscapes are taken care of by our gardeners, the streets of Vahakni are clean and safe, garbage is collected 3 times a week.











Vahakni community offers:

•6 types of Model houses (650 square meters of land included, exploited completely ready or as shell ).

•6 types of townhouses , with common shared gardens.( exploited completely ready  or as shell ).

• Improved lots to build individually designed houses.

• 4-storey buildings with (70, 91 and 112 square meters surfaces.)


Vahakni Residential Community

50 Gevorg Chaush Street

Yerevan 0088, Armenia

Sales Office Telephone: (+37410) 39 01 02

Sales Office Telefax: (+37410) 38 13 02

Administration Office Telephone: (+37410) 39 97 21

Ararat Valley Country Club Telephone: (+37410) 39 40 85

E-Mail:[email protected]